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Hey all! I'm Erik Beaston, owner, designer, and manufacturer at Owl Creek Supply. While this is a "one man operation", I am forever in debt to those who continue to help me build this company. Here a few quick bits of info about me. Born and bred in the great state of Pennsylvania. I have a degree in Anthropology and worked as an archaeologist for the United States Forest Service. I have two brothers (I'm the middle child). After having foot surgery in 2014, I needed something to occupy my time as I recovered. I took a trip to the local leather store and so began my journey into leatherwork (the waxed canvas came a little later).

It's my mission and responsibility to produce top quality goods, made of durable timeless materials that will last.  Not only are leather and waxed canvas time tested in their ability to withstand life’s back and forth, but they also develop character with time. Each of them will form a unique patina.  The oils from your hands, the light from the sun, the insides of your pockets, they all leave a mark.  They leave your mark.  It isn’t just a wallet, it’s your wallet.  With proper care and maintenance, my goods will undoubtedly last years of daily use.

Also please remember, leather and waxed canvas are natural materials. Meaning, no two items are alike. I choose to only use top quality full grain leather, and use only the best parts of the hide. While I strive for consistency, inevitably there is variability in color and "grain" across the hides - we're seeing the life of the animal. But we choose this type of leather on purpose - in my mind, full grain leather is the only choice. It's more durable. There's more character. The beautiful subtle (and at times not-so-subtle) mottling of color. The uniqueness of the hides keeps me excited because each one has their own beauty. 

I believe this all produces a better product. 

If you have any questions, concerns or any reason at all to contact us, please don't hesitate to use the form below for the fastest response.  Or if social media is your thing, find us @owlcreeksupply.

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