Frequently Asked Questions


 I just bought a leather good from you, now what?

Congratulations! Leather is a natural material. In order for leather to endure years and years of use, it must be looked after with simple but routine care. Generally speaking, too much moisture in the leather and too little moisture are the biggest threats to your item. Put simply, if your leather is feeling/looking dry and is not supple (i.e. lack of moisture), it's definitely time to treat and add oils back into the leather.

We want to avoid the top layer of the leather becoming so dry that is begins to crack (just like our hands do in winter!). There is no set amount of time of when your leather will need conditioned - many factors contribute to how fast it "wears". You will need to observe and determine when it's time to add oils.

We already stated that too little of moisture (or oils) is not good for the leather, but the opposite of that is true as well. We treat and condition leather to repel water - we do not want out leather to become soaked with water, or oil. If your leather soaks up water for whatever reason (hey, no judgement!), it's best to let the leather slowly dry away from a heat source. Once the leather has dried (be careful as it's in a vulnerable state at this point and can crack), you can start to add oils back into the leather. Do not try to bend the leather until you've added sufficient oils back into it.

You can definitely add too much oil to leather. We do not want the leather to be completely saturated and dripping with oils - we want just enough to keep it supple. 



I just bought a waxed canvas good from you, now what?

Congratulations! Your waxed canvas good is made to last years of use. First, what is waxed canvas? It's exactly as it sounds, canvas is impregnated with wax to add a level of water repellency, protection, and durability. One of the beautiful things about waxed canvas is that it behaves like leather - with use and over time a patina will form on the canvas. And just like leather, you can treat your waxed canvas to keep it in peak shape throughout the years. Lucky for us, it's a simple process to re-wax your good. 

DO NOT put your waxed canvas goods in a washing machine - hand clean only. To clean the waxed canvas, brush off any excess dirt with a soft brush first. After that you can use a mild soap with cold water and spot treat if there's stubborn dirt spots. 



Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Yes, on a case by case basis. I want everyone to be pleased with their purchase, so if something doesn't feel right with your newly acquired Owl Creek Supply good, please contact me right away!